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Automatic Hydraulic High Temperature t Shirt 3d Logo Embossing Machine

Silicone embossing machine is a multi-functional model, used for the hot-pressing molding of solid silicone trademarks, for the hot-pressing and bonding of various fabrics and leather surfaces with glue, uneven embossing, double-sided mold clamping, etc.

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    (Glue embossing equipment
Product Details

High Temperature T-shirt Embossing Automatic Hydraulic For Textile Printing 3D Logo Embossing

Granular hot-melt powder with different diameters is heated to a molten state, infiltrated into the adhesive and then cooled and solidified to achieve the purpose of bonding the material to the substrate. It is commonly used in textiles, leather, paper, metal, sponge and polymer Bonding of materials, used in electrical appliances, machinery, automobiles, civil construction, furniture and other industries.

Product parameter

Machine Name

Heat Press Embossing Machine

Machine model


Drive form


Degree of automation


Machine use

printing heat transfer equipment

Machine size


Machine weight


Machine voltage


Machine power

600 ~ 6000W

Machine transfer table width




Machine transfer speed


Machine printing transfer material

cotton, linen, chemical fiber.

Product Advantages

①This machine has up and down heating functions, and the up and down temperatures can be controlled separately

②Equipped with digital display thermostat, precise temperature and convenient adjustment.

③ Equipped with digital timer

④The pressure is adjustable.

⑤There are two modes, manual and automatic.

silicone embossing heat press machine

embossing silicone machine


Garment double-head silicone oil press 3D concave and convex embossing machine glue planting equipment is suitable for:

1. Silicone embossing embossing for garments.

2. Glue planting, embossing, embossing, embossing on fabrics such as shoes, socks and caps.

3. Branding of various trademark skins, high temperature branding.

4. The embossing machine can also produce various three-dimensional trademarks of various liquid silicone.

5. Concave and convex embossing of various leather and denim.

6. The glue planting machine can be used for silicone embossing of T-shirts.

Company information

1. Dongguan Cowint New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in printing material in Dongguan China.

2. Cowint is Top 10 brands in China's printing industry, with the plant area more than 18,000 square meters.

3. Monthly production capacity: Transfer printing machine is more than 200 pcs; Heat press machine is 500 pcs, Transfer film is more than 100,000 square meters,printing ink material more 1000tons .

4. 26 years professional factory, ISO9001, ISO14000, Oeko Standard 100, GOTS, ZDHC and other authoritative certification,quality stable. 3-5 days delivery timecompany culture

Company team

  • Extensive professional knowledge, multi-faceted, multi-level to provide you with professional services

  • Strong cohesion, multiple functions in one department, interlocking, strong and accurate product output information

The company's market share

In the printing industry, Cowint Printing Technology is one of the top ten national brands of printing! As a mid-to-high-end brand, it not only prioritizes its peers in terms of technology, but also has a much higher market share than its peers. In 2019, the global market share reached 85%. The advantages of peers are mainly reflected in the fact that we can provide customers with a A series of market prospect planning will bring you efficient market benefits.

Product Questions and Answers

Q:Is the preheating time of the silicone embossing machine controllable?

A: Yes, we not only have a separate LCD display to control the time of the silicone pressing and embossing machine, but also a hand console to control it separately.

Q:Does the silicone embossing machine heat up and down at the same time?

A: Yes, the upper hot plate and the lower hot plate of the silicone embossing machine, the left and right bearing plates work independently, with a small body and multiple functions.

Q: What is the maximum temperature in degrees Celsius for the silicone embossing machine?

A: Our concave and convex pressing silicone machine can set the temperature, the lowest temperature is 0 ℃, the highest temperature can reach 400 ℃, enough temperature to press and iron a perfect and high-end embossed printing logo, which can be used on many materials. Flower silicone machine.

Q:What glue should be used for the silicone embossing machine to make the printed logo with strong concave and convex?

Answer: Generally, silica gel with chemical flow liquid is directly used.

Q:Is the mold of the silicone embossing machine customizable?

A: Yes, the mold of the concave-convex embossing machine can be customized with an exclusive pattern. The mold is provided by the customer with a pattern, and we provide free samples.

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