Gloss change after gold and silver powder printing
Time:Jun 18, 2022

Lack of suitable antioxidants will change the gloss of gold and silver powder after printing. Until the early 1980s, Japan's special-purpose paint printing paste was introduced, the more prominent elastic paste (applicable to knitted fabrics to remove defects caused by extension), overprint paint white paste (applicable to dark fabrics), Foaming paste, anti-oxidative gold and silver powder printing paste and other varieties, but because these paint printing pastes are only suitable for screen manual printing, and the price is relatively expensive, the promotion was not smooth in the environment at that time. It was not until the screen printing group became interested in it and the demand for foreign trade clothing increased that special paint printing has developed by leaps and bounds, but the deep aspects of special paint printing still need to be seriously discussed.

The five major European companies all manufacture adhesives, but they are not suitable for mass production due to the wide variety of special paint printing pastes used in special paint printing pastes. At the same time, it often has its limitations. However, these manufacturers mainly only supply adhesives and their supporting additives, and distribute the viscous filling additives separately. Because the ration components of the pigment printing paste, water accounts for more than one-third of the total, and the water content of the machine-printing paste is about one-half. But the special paint printing paste is different. Its "moisture" becomes "paste". Even if its distribution composition changes, it will never reduce the water content in the printing paste, so its price is relatively high and its profit margin is higher. As can be imagined (because "water" also serves as the price of "pulp").

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