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180 Degree Shaking Rotary Manual Press

It can be rotated 180 degrees, which is flexible, safe and convenient;The pressure adopts pneumatic cylinder device, which can convert small pressure into strong compression force;The upper and lower aluminum plates are thickened, and the heating pipe and the heating plate are integrally cast, which is safe, durable and evenly distributed;The improved lower support plate makes it more convenient for garments to be inserted;Adjust the pressure at will.

  • Machine power :

  • Machine printing transfer material :

    cotton, linen, chemical fiber.
  • Machine transfer speed :

  • Machine transfer table width :

  • Machine voltage :

  • Machine weight :

  • Machine size :

  • Degree of automation :

  • Drive form :

  • Machine model :

  • Machine Name :

    Manual heat pressing machine
  • Usage :

    printing heat transfer equipment
  • Feature :

    Clamshell design, saving pace, easy to use;
  • Product name :

    Manual heat pressing machine
Product Details

180 Degree Shaking Rotary Manual Press

Product Introductin

Manual ironing machine Heating board can be turned 180 degree to the right, which makes the operation more convenient and safe;Set the desired temperature and time, an audible alarm will sound when the process is complete. High precision, temperature tolerance is about ±1~2℃;.Heating element is made of pure aluminum with heat rod cast into the aluminum, Thicker aluminum board, very firm and flat, keeping temperature even and stable;Upgraded lower platen allows room for t-shirts to be easily placed into and removed from machine;This allows the pressure to be adjusted according to the thickness of the material you're transferring to.

heat press machine 5 in 1

Product Feature

  • The heated thread and heated board are together, safe, durable , distribute uniformity;

  • Alloy material machine body , beautiful and strong;

  • Adopt advanced fast changing moulds construction, considering adding moulds as the customer’s requirements;

  • LED display controller makes sure the temperature and time more accurate

Product Parameter




2200W 2800W 3500W

Temperature range


Time range


Working size

38x38 40x50 40x60(cm)

Packing size

72.5*45.5*45 79*58*47 78*69*45(cm)


27kg 32kg 38kg

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