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3D Effect Printing Silicone Heat Press Embossing Machine

The embossed logo printing machine is controlled by microcomputer, and the pressure is adjustable. The double-position sliding mechanism makes the product more targeted during hot stamping, and there will be no indentation, deformation, fading and other defects in other places of the same product that do not need hot stamping. Response, the effect is firmer and the hand feels softer.

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  • Washing Test :

    Wash 10 times at 40 degrees Celsius
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    t shirt embossing machine
  • Usage :

    printing heat transfer equipment
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    Heat Press Embossing Machine
Product Details

3D Effect Printing Silicone Heat Press Embossing Machine

The heating plate on the machine moves two stations left and right, the platform is fixed, and the workbench is overhead, which can be put on garments, clothes, pants, socks, etc. The machine heats up and down, suitable for embossing, double-sided transfer of materials, and several kinds of fabrics composite process

Electrical parameters

Operating Votage220V
Packing size108*90*79cm108*90*79cm108*89*89cm108*89*89cm

Product Advantages

①double station bearing board

②the heat plate can move around

③ the left and right direction of the heating plate independent control

④ stroke and pressure adjustable

⑤microcomputer control display, safe and reliable

⑥left and right mobile lines have mute protection

⑦Pressure balance ,integrated aluminum heating disk


1. Using professionally designed industrial microcomputer, one-key control technology;

2. Automatic control, uniform pressure balance, integrated aluminum heating plate;

3. Using the sliding-type push-pull work table, the operation is labor-saving and the printing speed is fast, and the material below will not be moved during operation. Especially in thermal transfer heat transfer, it effectively solves the problem of ghosting, and is suitable for large and small pieces of material.

4. Microcomputer control, digital display, counting, long-time standby automatic protection, over-temperature alarm;

5. The working voltage of the voltage regulator module is 100-250V;

6. The protection rod avoids hot pressing accidents;

7. The external high temperature cloth is easy to replace.

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